Friday, 13 July 2012

Right now...

  • It could pass for winter what with the cold and wet weather of late, the heating been on low for the past few months and all i want to do is snuggle up on the sofa and watch the rain fall outside, glad I'm not out there in the wet streets.
  • has rediscovered the guilty pleasure of Most Haunted and it shows I've moved on as I now watch it for the sceptic's opinions on things and the local history of places they been too. I now want to visit Edinburg Vaults and Pendleton. If a ghost does appear in the episodes then its a bonus!...just wish there was more subtitles on these shows so I can follow it better....*sighs*
  • Has bought merino wool tops that came from the Falklands that will be made into felted bowls. Will hope to post up a tutorial on this later on when I do it to share to everyone. 
  • Is interested in the strange link between google and zelda...hmm.....straaaaange! 
  •  the new medicines is making everything out of whack and wrecking havoc on my sleeping and my energy levels. I know I got to ride this bit out but with everything going on, wouldn't mind a bit of plain sailing from now on! What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger i suppose...!
  • Is loving The Walking Dead, there is something unexplained about why i like it but it works. I'm guessing its focusing on the humanity side of things and how people cope and survive in these situations just appeals to the viewers. The series and the comics are so very interesting and at times different from each other. The scary thing isn't the zombies themselves but what humans are capable of and the worst is yet to come with the "governor" character and the prison...hmm...I wonder how the TV series shows it...
  • is enjoying karate especially since its so close to my home. I hope it continues and the positive vibe carries on, especially the banter with some of the people there makes it worth going!
  • Giggling at a friend in his Batman onesie! Bless him! It was good to catch up with him and talk for a bit especially his tattoos! top guy!
  • I'm itching to get rid of some clothes to make sure i use the space in my room properly - never been one to hoard as such but like it happens in life, things just build up until you snap one day!
  • Pondering on my disability and being deaf.
  • happy that my phone is working better...Yay!
  • Wondering what it is with people and the way they behave. I try not to judge but at times I find myself shaking my head to myself for various reasons. 
  • Happy for a friend that came out as being pregnant. being told privately before she annouched it publically was a nice touch from her and I'm glad she is ok and deserves every bit of happiness.
  • Being roped into watching Paranormal activity isn't a good thing right...? Not with my over-active mind and ability to watch horror movies and staying awake for months after...and I'm having to watch all three films as well....o...k....
Hope you are all well and what are you doing right now?


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