Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day Trip

earlier this week I went to Totnes, a rather unique market town in the heart of the southwest Devon area.
With very few of the high street shops but a lot more unique, boutiques shops, its a draw for people all over the region to spend a day enjoying the lovely picturesque town, take in some lunch at one of many resturants, bistros and tea shops and look at the goodies in independant shops.
This is probably the kind of place that summarises "britishness" to countries abroad and you can't blame them, the place is stunningly beautiful and the many photographers there endorses this.

I really like this bunting picture - given me an idea to try something similar myself for gifts in the future! (and loving the hello kitty liberty print tea set!)

probably one of the most popular tea rooms in the area, always busy and a favourite with my grandparents...and as you can see from the cakes in the window, its little wonder why!

Tea for two...and mother stealing piece of my chocolate fudge cake...tut tut...!

Sock monkies!!! If i had the patience and skill, i would make loads of these! And below, hello kitty duvet set in liberty print?! - mine!!!

I love the orignal features on the buildings, some with original windows. And that craft shop on the right in the picture above?...yeah, i went there and got some wool tops to do some project with as well as stock up on a few bits and pieces that were cheaper to buy there due to being out of town. Never can keep me out of craft shops...and comic shops...and clothes shops...and sweets shops...you get the idea...!

And many congratulations to my pops on his success of growing some carrots...don't worry they are suppose to look like this, they are some globe version and easier to grow in shallow soil. 
Some of these were roasted with homegrown beetroot in balsamic vingear, thyme, bay and a little sugar and makes a deliscious mixed roasted veg salad, eaten hot or cold!

Hope you are having an good start to the week.

Birdie love. xxx


  1. What a nice place and wonderful trip you had - Thanks for sharing ... the pretty shoots bring sunshine into my heart!

    1. aww thank you for your kind words, i'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! xxx


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