Friday, 17 May 2013

Visual feast

They say we eat with our eyes...

I think they might be right!

I been tinkering with some recipes and dishes I have had in the past but just wanted to try myself.

The top two pictures were apple fried in a little butter and candied up a little with some sugar with some fresh scallops and black pudding. It was a dish my dad made for starters one christmas meal and I been wanting to recreate it ever since. Suprisingly light and how the flavours meld together is actually very nice. Just need to find a way to sweeten up the apples a bit more next time.

Ladies night out for a few cocktails and a cheapo dinner that I managed to have enough coins for, washed down with a lovely passionfruit cider! Don't knock it till you try it!
My favourite cocktail The honey and hazlenut martini is just to die for!

Nothing goes down well like a mr whippy covered in blue sparkly sherbet sprinkles...and a flake when walking home from work one sunny afternoon!

I've created a dish I've now nick-named the "billionnaire's breakfast" I had ingredients that needed to be used and realized they all worked together separately so why not merge them?
Toasted muffins, poached eggs, asparagus, ham, black pudding crumbled on top, hollandaise sauce and a pork burger (for the hubby!)     t'was very, very yummy!

What have you been eating and enjoying this week?

Birdie Love

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