Saturday, 11 May 2013


Cupcakes-in-a-jar is nothing new...I've seen many on american baking and lifestyle blogs where it seems to be popular to drink and eat anything out of a jar and it somehow looks cute and practical!

I recently had the chance to buy some cupcakes-in-a-jar at a local food fayre and they are amazing !

The rainbow one is so vibrant that its a shame the camera can't quite get the colours just do they bake a cake mix so bright?! Then its topped with an awesomely choccy frosting

The cappuccino cake was layers with a rich chocolate sauce then topped with a cream cheese frosting....really is so nice!

I can see myself baking some cupcake-in-a-jars soon...they be perfect for a picnic or taking to work! Plop the frosting on, put in the lid and away you go!

You know the best thing about eating one of these babies? ...

Using a long handled spoon to dig out all the yummy goodness!

So good!

Birdie Love

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