Thursday, 16 May 2013

simple pleasures

Its the simple and little things that make life bearable day to day is it not?
Right now for me it is...

My beloved catwoman chibli figure from an awesome friend who gave me this for christmas after watching me for months staring at this in the local comic book shop, umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to get it. It one day disappeared and I was gutted it went.   He bought it for me!
Seeing it in its pride of place just makes me appreciate it more and the sweet personal touches that went into it.

I finally did it! Found a coke with my name on...literally! Hard to describe how much it made my day...!

My new cookie cutters! I seen these months ago and every time I visit the shop I always play wit these and mentally debating whether to get the end I gave in and can't wait to use them...especially to make Bat-cookies! Mwahahaha! Pleased to finally have them, just now need to perfect my icing and flooding skills!

Being ill on and off, experiencing migraines relating to my head injury...funnily enough chocolate soothes things over a treat! Especially this new treat! I love the jelly pieces in it and the whole variety of textures and flavours! Yum! Especially when you melt it on your mouth and let the popping candy do their magic!

What little things getting you through the day?

Birdie Love

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  1. That bat cookie cutter is so rad and guess what? I have that same Catwoman figure.


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