Thursday, 9 May 2013

fabrics for skirts...and a bottle of coke named Dave...

Recently after sewing up a shirt for my father in law, (you can read about it here) I have now enough confidence for me to make a skirt for myself from fabrics I collected over the years that I adore and have  intentions to create something  from them. With recent clear outs and the decision to streamline my wardrobe and condense the overall looks I wish to achieve, I decided a simple fifties styled A-line skirt with deep pockets, and both elasticated and draw stringed waist would be a nice start and something I would very much like to have!

This fabric came from Ikea a long while ago and although Im not sure what was the inspiration, It looks to be of spring time in the alps and got a nice Scandinavian feel to it! Can you see the goats, little ski lodges and a man on top of the mountain? Cant wait to see the finished skirt! Wondering whether to add a red lace trim at the hem to really make it pop? Have to see when it's sewn up! such a random piece of fabric isn't it? - perfect for me!

Cannot recall the name of this fabric but it got a slight crinkle effect to it and a little stretch and a wonderful candy pastel coloured checks which looks demure and sweet. this is looking like a very promising skirt in a colour way that I can see myself wearing it with lots of things I already owe. Just hoping the stretch in the fabric doesnt prove too problematic!

Another bright and bold choice but selected with the intention to wear with plain vest tops and block colours to tone it down! I love the subtle gold woven through it and the lovely array of pinks are actually rather nice...i think its the orange that makes the whole thing look punchy rather than girly!
I been careful to cut the fabric so the lines are not wonky for a cleaner look.

All three fabrics have been cut already and just now needs to be sewn up. The fabric choices were selected so I could wear these to work as I want to move away from office greys and blacks in the summer and select styles that actually flatter me. Ive cut the pattern on the large size so to accommodate those "fat" a month I can fluctuate in weight bu as much as a stone! (yeah! I know! It seems all the women in my family have the same problem which is why we seem to have two wardrobes of clothes to cover on our fat and skinny days!)
The fact theres both an elastic and drawstring waistband means I got double the comfort and flexibility for adjustment which should ensure these pieces stay in my wardrobe collection for a long time!

And here's something random....Picked up a bottle of coke the other day saying I should share it with Dave...luckily there was a Dave nearby who had a free swig after looking at me strangely, as I told him "my coke is called Dave....look!" *waves it in his face*.
...I'm now on the prowl for one called Matthew or Hannah!   Random much?!

How your day going?
what do you think of the skirt fabrics?

Birdie Love


  1. Such pretty fabric. I am still too scared to sew a skirt for myself. I am going try this weekend. Wish me luck. I can't wait to see your finished skirts.

    1. good luck with the skirt! you have to show me how you do! Cant wait to see it myself!


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