Wednesday, 8 May 2013

sitting on the docks of Plymouth bay

Plymouth on a good day, can be a glorious thing indeed....makes you feel so very much alive!

Nothing like looking out over the sound, to see moorlands, farmlands, cliffs, beaches, countrysides, cityscapes and the sea itself...all in one view!

You can watch sail boats leaving the harbour, schools of yatchs sailing out for their weekly lessons, children in their classes kayaking on the protected surf behind Mount Battern pier...the Sound was as busy on the water as it was on the land!

There's nothing like people watching here, where many people of all ages and walks of life gather here to enjoy the sun. Be it skateboarding, BBQs, walking the dog, flying kites, football, rollerblading, picnicking....there was so much going on!

Nothing like lying on the sun-kissed greass with a friend or two, quietly talking away and enjoying the fresh, sat-laced breeze straight off the sea!


Birdie Love

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  1. Beautiful photos. Wish I was there now, not sitting on this dang ugly train.


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