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Craft share - Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco De Mayo is, for us Brits and Europeans, is Spanish for "fifth of may" where it is to celebrate the freedom of Mexican-Americans and today is a celebration of all things Mexican and the fabulous things that makes up the vibrant culture!

I will admit I haven't heard much of this mostly American celebration but it doesn't mean i appreciate it any the less! So this craft share rounds up the best of all things Mexican!

Knitted Cactus
Catcus wearing sombrero

A catcus wearing sombrero! What's not to love?!
...This only gets better....

Knitted Cactus  

You can dress the little fella up!
Super Love!
And if you are not very green fingered or generally cursed with plants...he doesn't die!
Just looking at his little happy face cheers me right up!

Cinco De Mayo Wrap Bracelet Infinity Knot Bangle Mother's Day Gift Amy Fine Design

In wonderful colours that reflex all things mexican, I very much love this well put together bracelet! The silver infinity knot works so well as the central design, I could really see myself and many people wearing this!
There's a nice option of changing the colour choice for a more personal touch too!

Hats for dogs-Costumes-Cinco De Mayo-Pugs-Novelty Hats-Hats for Pugs-Pugs
Puggy Hat!

Awwwwww! I got many a pug loving friends who read this blog and this little pug and his wonderful outfit would go down a treat! How sweet is this little dude?!
I adore the petite sombrero and poncho and love the colours used! Why not get your doggy involved in your fiesta?  It is worth browsing the shop to look at the many cute little hats and gorgeous pug pictures....Jae, I love the pug!

Cinco de Mayo Small Plush Pinata

"This three dimensional plush soft sculpture is carefully designed to reflect the iconic burro shape of a traditional pinata, and uses rainbow-colored chevron fabric to allude to the traditional layers of fringed tissue."

What a beautiful plushie! One of the dilemmas I have when it comes to pinatas is they always look so lovely, vibrant and cute that I really don't want to smash them at all! So well created and the fabric choice is perfect to imitate the fringed tissue used in decoration!
I think the pom poms are a sweet touch and would love to give that baby pinata a squeezey hug!

Needlepoint kit, Contemporary folk, 'Canyon'
needlepoint kit cushion

Beautifully inspired by Mexican Textiles, I adore the colours used and the design. The best thing about this?
This is actually a kit so you can make this lovely and claim it as your own crafted piece!
Such a stunning piece is it not?
I feel like i'm already under that warm Mexican sunshine just by looking at the warm colours!

Frieda Kahlo, Cinco de Mayo Collage Necklace
collage necklace

Wow! I'm in love with this Frieda Kahlo collage necklace!
And I'm loving the concept of a "collage necklace" inspiring!
amazingly put together and I love that little picture and that parrot! I can see myself wearing that with a plain coloured vest top and jean and just let the necklace do the talking!
Do check out RagBabybyStorm's shop for more beautiful necklaces that really deserve a peek or three!

Fiesta Fabric Embellished Bouquet
Fiesta Bouquet

The inspiration for this was...

"The bouquet was inspired by mexico, I went there on honeymoon and it was so bright and vivid. This bouquet has been in the works for ages and need a unique twist to finish it, that where the black came in."

A beautifully assembled and distinctively quirky bouquet..i love the ribbon roses in wonderful neon colours and the little bits of sparkles dotted around the piece...and that amazing touch of black just really lifts the piece!
A wedding bouquet with a difference!

Fiesta Margarita Glass Cookies - 1 Dozen Plus
Margarita cookies

There's nothing like taking a siesta with a Margarita!
The sweetest touch is the glasses have a sugared rim! How properly authentic! and they even come with little lime wedges! Sadly I wouldnt be able to afford having these sent over to the UK but the wonderful Hellobakery has some beautifully deocrated cookies that are worth a look, just to admire the skill (and a steady hand by the looks of it too!)

Mexico de colores embroidered bohemian  dress

The slogan of this shop is "Mexican Embroidered Dresses....Wearable Art Pieces" and I completely agree!
This dress and the ones in the shop are so vibrant and beautiful!  There's so many pieces I love and some of the off the shoulder tops are immensely beautiful!
Really worth a look around if you are after a beautiful dress that you would treasure and keep forever!

There's so many wonderful things out there Mexcian that this post could go on forever! I been careful to avoid the day of the dead festival items as that's another celebration for later in the year!  I'm aware everyone's vision of Mexican culture is different and I could go on and on adding things so forgive me if I have left things off that you feel deserve a shout out!

Will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo? What will you be doing?

Birdie Love!


  1. I love Cinco De Mayo. I celebrate it every year. I love that pug in the sombrero.So cute.

    1. how do you celebrate cinco de mayo?


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