Monday, 27 May 2013

Right now...

  • I'm feeling a bit like the flowers in the above picture...a forget-me-not! Small, pale and based on the number of people over the last few day saying to me "Where you been? I missed you!", forgotten!  I think people forget I'm actually a rather quiet soul really, and recently as part of therapy and personal development for me, I needed to learn to enjoy my own company again. You can't be surrounded by people all the time and in a way, its essential to be ok by yourself.  I think it's going well, myself and I haven't yet fallen out with each other yet!
  • Its amazing how much life's laundry you can accumulate in a while! It seems to be a never-ending spring clean here in my house! I have recently changed around the living room and changes in other places around the house for cleaner lines and easier living. but the trouble is with de-cluttering is the clutter got to go somewhere and sometimes you got stuff you just have to keep! Even now there's still so much to do that as well as your day to day chores, you're up with the never ending rotation of chores that needs to be done...just as soon as you wash down the walls for the have to do it again....!

  • In amongst the cleaning and tidying chaos of the house, a new book corner has emerged with a wonderful library of books! You can sit in the living room and see the wall divider lined up on both sides with books and books and even more books and a beanbag that just lulls you to sit in its squidgy comfort and read, right next to the library that just begs you to enjoy it! Loving it so very much right now and when I sit watching TV or potter, I often catch a book title I haven't read or seen for a while and immediately know to read it next!

  • I been so tired this week...i think my depression and just generally a break from the norm caught up with me. Depression can be really tiring and no amount of sleep can help you recover. Theres been times where I could sleep the day through but I think its something my body needs for the moment. Hence why the blog updates recently have been few...i either just been too tired or too low to write.

How are you all? Hope you are all well!
Hopefully normal service will resume!

Birdie love

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