Monday, 6 May 2013

Free Comic Book Day '13

It was free comic book day today in our local comic book shop (Yes I know, it should have been yesterday...)

From the blogs I read and seeing all the events across the globe(there's some amazing events!) I thought I share mine!

Our local comic shop usually throws out all the stops for this excellent promotional event...except this year it was really a dud. I guess with their second store opening in St Austell and all the energy focused on promoting that on the actual free comic book day, poor Plymouth got forgotten about.

Last year was amazing, the bottom half of town was crowded with people and children all dressed up, there was storm troopers and an amazing variety of costumes and I got to see some friends dressed up and I gave out comic was that popular, we had to limit everyone to one comic each!

Today...was way too quiet...quite a few people even commented on how lack lustre it all was.
Shame really, I don't know what happened there, especially since knowing the guys that run the shop are pretty cool and normally have big plans....
Oh well, there always next year!
*crosses fingers*

Took a moment to get  few pictures of the few people who did dressed up including a rather  cool looking Ghostbuster...and and creepy Dr Hugo Strange from Batman....

This lovely lady did her own take on the Corpse Bride with a cool, gruesome twist...she even hung a spider from her nose piercing!

Behind view of the awesomely handmade Proton Pack!

 My stash of freebie comics...with a nice surprise of finding a Rurouni Kenshin comic and a rather nice one-shot story inside! I love Rurouni Kenshin, got all the anime, films and a considerable manga collection....I even got a Kenshin plushie hanging over my bed (to protect me at night...there's a logic to this!)

What more, the comic had a rather nice pull out poster inside!Makes me want to go back and pull out the manga again!
The great thing about Free Comic Book day is that is allows you to pick up a sample of stories that are to be published or one-shot story lines of a major publication so you can see a little into what characters are like and whether you be interested in knowing more of their stories.It also promotes new story arcs and wonderful artists and art styles to see if its to your liking ...all for free!

Hubby bought me a surprise gift of Marvel's Black Cat diorama of her breaking into a vault with Spiderman peering through the window in the background...two characters for the price of one!
If I couldn't be Catwoman...I be Black ironically similar to each other! I adore their sass and the fact they don't fit into categories of "good guys" or "bad guys|" like you could for many of the characters. They have their own agendas but have consciences that never tips them into the darkness completely...they are bad girls with hearts of gold!

How are you today? Did you visit a free comic book event in your area?

Birdie love


  1. Looks like you had a rad day. Your free comics look great. I have that same Black Cat action figure. :)

  2. Rurouni Kenshin is great! I remember hubby getting me hooked on the anime during our dating days 12 years ago :)


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