Wednesday, 1 May 2013

All things Vintage and Lovely Fair

On the Saturday just gone, I had a wonderful day visiting a vintage fair here in my home town of Plymouth.A lot of promotional work have gone into this event and it was rumoured to have been even advertised in the Times newspaper! As such, on the lead up to the day itself, I've had a lot of friends and family letting me know it was on...had they didn't, I'm sure I would have found out and visited anyway!

Held in a central place in the city, being the Guild Hall, I knew it would be a large enough to accommodate a large crowd with many stalls and yet be cosy so you didn't feel it was sparse inside...upon getting there I could see and hear the huge crowds already in the foyer and atrium which held all the large clothes was packed to the rafters!

Just as you go in there is already wonderful looking stalls lined up for your pleasure, including a marvellous home decorating and painting stall which demonstrated how you could spruce up your old furniture and shows off the wonderful hues of paint and vintage inspired emulsions in a wonderful, fresh homely "room" set up around a gorgeously laid table! Love the chairs!

Two gorgeous skirts for sale in the vintage clothes section...The ski one was wonderfully quirky and i just adored the demin blue one with delicately embroidered pockets...i couldn't stop going back to it and at £30 it was a reasonable enough price but alas it was too, too small!

These Mary Quant kitten heeled shoes were to die for! I even tried them on! They fitted me well despite being way to large but narrow fitting so they would have stayed on my feet if I wore socks! I would love to owe a piece or two from Mary Quant but these shoes weren't it for me...I want something more special!

There was a rare privilege to see a, what i assume is a real Georgian dress being sold for just under £300. The whole piece was incredibly dainty and well preserved with wonderful black velvet bows and trim and sweet lace on the cuffs....and do you see the pocket details with the buttons? amazing!
It was great to be able to come close and touch a rare and truly vintage piece!
It is something a true clothes collector or designer would buy as there's so much inspiration in this one piece
You could almost see this being worn by Kate Winslet on the Titanic can you not?

A wonderful themed tea shop provided refreshments and home baked good such as towers of cupcakes and piles of scones that smell divine! I loved how the girls were all dressed up (including my lovely friend from work, Sophie!) and tea was given out in china cup and saucers and the wonderful use of the word "spiffin'!"

I was feeling mighty parched anyway so picked up some elderflower juice and a wonderful cheese and onion spiffin' marvellous! (love the paper plate they gave it to me on!)

This was taken of the atrium which was jam packed with people and rails of clothes, all jostling with each other as shoppers seek out the best buys and the beautifulest of vintage they can get their hands on!

You really did have to pay attention to what was around you, there was treasures everywhere! I got two embroidered rose patches you can just about see in the box above!

There was a great, peppy vintage catwalk show which was immensely popular and I couldn't get to the front as there was so many people there...but whilst everyone else was distracted, I used the moment and the space to shop!...Mwahahahaha!

This was how busy it was! i could take any pictures of the many beautifully dressed stalls as I just couldn't see them or have room to get the camera out properly! And this picture only showed one third of the main hall full!...and there was another two rooms as well!

Beautiful embroidery on a 60's mini dress that might have actually been a wedding dress! I'm sorry I couldn't get a decent was that crowded!

I loved the crinolined ladies walking with their gentlemen amongst the trees in this 50's skirt panel!

And this wonderful ballerina and ribbons printed design on that lovely soft grey? I was in love with this design! I not seen such beautiful fabrics like this in a long time! sweet is it not?

A wonderful project dress made for the Help the Heroes charity, a very popular charity in the city as we are home to one of the Royal Marines Barracks and with Plymouth being a major naval and military city, Help the Heroes is a charity that helps servicemen injured in their tour of duty to live their lives to the best of their abilities. Its a cause close to many people's hearts here I believe, our streets have so many soldiers march upon them over the years and even now, we see huge crowds of soldiers across the city and I think we, Plymouthians are proud of our military heritage.

Can you see the medic van, IV tubes, bullet casings and WWII ration packaging incorporated into this design?

I decided as I was going to a vintage fair, to spruce myself up a bit and wear a beloved vintage dress I picked up from Exeter (for £16!) that fitted me perfectly! It had scenes of India drawn upon it including a couple in bed (slightly risque i say!) and wore my hair up in a beehive. I was approached by a lovely lady to have my picture taken for her blog and general promotional shots and was given this picture for my troubles! Sweet little thing! I love the Polaroid look to it!

I picked up a few goodies and was very sensible in my selection so the pieces can fit into my wardrobe and be worn with what I already had! I bartered for every piece and some I haggled down so they were dirt cheap as either they were damaged or missing buttons or they needed work on them. I even picked up a brand new, labels still on it and all Hell Bunny dress that normally sells for around £40-50 for just £ a button was missing which i magically found on the floor when I was walking away after paying for it! I was happy there!

I will no doubt be showing you my wares soon as I'm dead chuffed but first they are going to get washed, altered and repaired first before the grand  unveiling!

I picked up this Fortnum and Mason hamper with leather fastenings for £14...I was pleased as other places been asking stupid prices as these hampers with their famous logo sprayed painted on them are a popular with interior decorators and seen them rise in popularity...and prices too! This was in great nick and i stuffed it full of my goodies and carried it all home in! I think a few picnics will be planned with this hamper in mind I say!

It was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, made all the more special by a rare chance of splurging on some carefully considered pieces! I loved the fact that there was a huge range of clothes from some truly vintage eras through to modern day so you had a great spectrum of choices to chose from! I'm a reasonably curvy girl (size16-18!) and with a little knowledge and some label reading, you can find some lovely pieces that fits you for cheap especially if you haggle the prices down! (don't be afraid to ask for a lower price! They want to sell that dress as much as you want it!)

Hope you are all well! I'm sorry I been away from here, Just been our and enjoying the sun and slogging away at the gym of late!...the pounds won't shed themselves sadly!

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  1. Love the blog and thank you to all the Plymouth who attended. It is very hard work to organise but when it is so appreciated it makes it all worthwhile! Back in the Guildhall on the 28th September with lots of new ideas!! (: Miss Ivy xx

  2. Looks like a crazy busy day. so much pretty.

  3. I LOVE that Georgian dress!!


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