Sunday, 12 May 2013

Guess where we are going on hols?

Beginning of this year I booked a surprise holiday for the hubby as I thought we deserve it and we needed something to look forward to and a long term goal to work towards....I was suppose to keep it hush until his birthday in September but me being me...i accidentally let it slip.
l was so tired, in an email discussing finances, I said the destination and since then I been whacking my head against every available door...doh!

I will let you guess where we are going, from this celebratory meal I presented to him afterwards, to get us in the mood for the culinary delights that awaits us...

hmm....steak sandwich, some deep fried goodness that were mushrooms....

...Rootbeer....Pibb (thank you American Dad for immortalising the Pibb....Pibb mobile!), Redvines.....

I always wanted to try Rootbeer after reading it in so many books growing up where the cool kids hung out with Rootbeer which sounded tasted like a herbal cola! never again! Curiosity is well and truly sated! The cool kids can keep their Rootbeer!

Redvines though...and Twizzlers are a serious addiction for me....soooooo gooood!

Can you guess where we are heading?

We are going back to America baby, yeah!
Early next year, we are going to Orlando! I've been before and always wanted to take the hubby back, primarily so he could see another side to America other than New York, but also so he can visit Universal Studios and Sea World and share some of the amazing memories I had. He's gunna love it!

Its not a major holiday, we aren't doing all the parks and rides, just using the holiday to soak up the good, old American spirit we both love...and the food too! (sizzlers, we're coming for you!)
I really want to try and get to Discovery Cove and swim with the dolphins (or Manatees if we cant!) and explore what Florid now has to offer nearly 15 years on since I last went!

Can't wait to go! We will be saving all our hard earnt coppers in the mean time! It will be tight but we need and deserve this especially after all the crap we've have and it will be a chance to celebrate after the accident I've had too.

I think he's looking forward to it, dont you think?!

Birdie Love

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