Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Starry eyed suprise

I had the rare privilege to gaze at the heavens one night, in the company of friends via a telescope.
I grew up, plotting stars from my bedroom sky light window from where we lived on the edge of the suburbs where the city light was weak and the stars were bright. I always wanted a telescope and it would be frequently requested for birthdays and Christmases but to no avail...

So to get a rare chance  to use a telescope on a fine clear evening was one I was going to grab with both hands!

It was an amazing experience! You could see more stars than the naked eye could see and that night, just above the horizon you could see Mercury, Jupiter and Venus...but what was more amazing is, if you just simply look through the telescope and wait...you will eventually see a shooting star!
The earth's atmosphere is pummeled every second by space debris (including small asteroids and space junk such as bits of satellites) so it isn't unusual to see something streaking across the sky...they are normally too faint to be seen in the naked sky without help of a powerful lens.

Whatever it was hurling through the atmosphere that night, i took no chances and made a wish!

It really was a mind blowing experience and made me feel so very small in this amazing universe of ours.

Birdie Love


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  1. I envy you. We get very little opportunity to star gaze here in HK, as the skies are often overcast, hazy with bad pollution, or both! The Perth skies (in Australia) are perfect for stargazing, and I really have missed that in the past 7 years since we moved overseas.


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