Saturday, 11 May 2013

DIY craft share - jewellery embroidery hoop hangings

In my bedroom, I have a bank space of a wall where nothing but two pictures and an amulet hangs.
I have earrings about the house that I take off and put to one side and over time, clutter and books means I lose them, or have odd pairs about the place, waiting for me to find their twin.

I seen the latest trend for embroidery hoops as art but I decided they could also be a great idea to hold jewellery and present them as part pieces as well!

So I bought some oval shaped frames a while back from Hobbycraft and selected some scrap fabrics and away I went!

Looks better already hey?

Just playing around with whether to use this frame to show off these earrings...i finally went with something else!

The printing in the gold frame on the left was bought from a new little vintage shop that just popped up down the road from my house. Paid a lovely £15 for an original oil painting in a scene I love for its colours and textures (you can just make out its a picture of flowers). On the right in the white frame is a wonderful embroidery of flowers on a hand stitched blue background. Written on the back of the hand made fame is some writing saying its a sampler piece for a Women's guild show as part of a embroidery exhibition from 1978. I picked this up from a thrifty look around as my favourite charity shop. I like it for being pretty and handmade and a complete one off.

I also took the trouble to hang up a little pottery jug bought for me from Tunisa by my bestie, a country I visited as a child and loved. Their craft culture for ceramics and pottery is just amazing and off the scale and this jug reminds me of that.

I decided to ditch my earrings and use the frame to show of this little tie-pin of my favourite little guy!
Yes, he is holding a shot-gun!
He's one of those rail people you can buy to make up the scenery which I have fallen in love with, as I have a weakness for tiny objects! I love how this frame is at odds with his height which I think kinda works, don't you think?
He deserves showing off!

This amulet is from Egypt, and was my beloved centre piece for my Egyptian themed bedroom when I was a young girl. It was pretty cool my dad painted me hieroglyphics, we painted furniture gold and hung an array of treasures up much like this piece.  I think I will always keep it. Its such a lovely piece and clean and doesn't age at all.

The hoop on the left holds all my stud earrings no problem at all! the embroidery hoops are deep enough that they still lie flat against the wall with enough space!

This large frame holds all my large studded earrings and hook earrings...I used a fabric of a lighter, looser weave so not to bend the hooks when pushing through the fabric.
It is worth thinking of the fabric choices...use more delicate fabrics and looser weaves for the more delicate backs of earrings.

The great thing is you can change the fabrics around in the frames to suit the decor!
For now, i'm very pleased with this simple project that had a wonderful effect and a little nod to my crafty background too, which pleases the soul.

What do you think?

Birdie love

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