Thursday, 2 May 2013

Right now...

Life in its simplest form is sweet...quite literally!

Thank you Dave and Jo for the American goodies!
But life is also sweet as the sun is out and warming everyone up, which was why things been a little quieter here of late, I simply been out enjoying the days and the sunshine where I can as British weather is so, so fickle!
The last few years have shown that May and September is when we get all the nice sunshine and the actual summer months in between are very lack lustre! So I deliberately left my leave to fit this in and today was the first day off in a while and what happened?.....I was ill....nothing too bad but I ended up having to stay close to home and any plans I had to walk in the sun, to venture to beaches near by and to explore the small remote villages tucked away in the countryside were put on hold.

Guess that will be something to look forward to, for the next time!

I'm pleased to pick up a nice little hair product that gives my straighter than straight hair some beachy waves you get when you spent the day at the beach and tie back your salt sprayed hair and get loose curls...I liked that look but my hair would never take a curl no matter how much you used curler, straighteners, hairdryers and all the products in the world!
So I picked up some Toni & Guy Sea Salt texturising spray and twisted my hair into a tight twist, sprayed it then dried with a hair dryer and got lovely waves that pretty much stayed all day (fixed in place with heavy spray of hair spray might have done the trick!)
*does happy hair dance*

Right now is also this weird limbo period where I seem to be going from one place to another in mental, emotional and physical ways but spiritually I will say this...I'm tired, right right down to the soul where no matter how much sleep or rest I get, its not quite enough. But the difference this time is, I won't lay down to die and wait for the end of days...I'm going to keep going as it's all part of the ride.
So this I know is signalling that I'm going the right direction which is a good thing so it is now a case of just holding on!

 Just gotta keep doing baby steps, I cant do it all right now!

 Going to head back up to Bristol tomorrow for what is hopefully the last in this string of hospital appointments and what is a board meeting to discuss what they are going to do and operations....all the fun stuff. I now just really hope not to be in any hospitals for a while now! I'm tired of feeling like a circus freak with so many people amazed at my ability to speak and communicate well with my deafness! I'm just me! Leave me be!

How are you all?
how is your early days of summer going?

Birdie Love

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