Thursday, 9 May 2013

thai by the sea

On Sunday which dawned nice and bright here in Plymouth, we gathered at the local comic book shop for free comic book day. You can read more about it here
After wards, the group of us detoured over to the Barbican to visit B-Bar, a lovely little music-cum-theatre-cum-bar-cum-restaurant. Just to make it more confusing, the place is also a Cuban inspired venue that regularly host free havana nights and they serve Thai food!
It was the thai food we were there for!
It was nice to be there with friends, catching up, reading comics, showing each other the funny pictures we collect on our phones!
With the exception of one order of spring rolls being forgotten, and two orders being wasn't too bad. Just too much mishaps going on to the point we were rolling our eyes and laughing. I loved my onion and potato curry topped with cashew saucy and lovely onions that I loved crunching!
Its a venue that we used to come to a lot but over time, we slowly forgot about it so this is really a blast from the past. My only objection is that they took Yum Woon Sen off the menu...i loved that dish! It was the best in town and was the only reason I went there half the time....darn!

The walk home through the harbour where old Elizabethan buildings stand along side their modern and shiny counterparts.
Where old fishermen sail their even older boats into the safe arms of the harbour walls after days at sea.
Where children run around their parents knees, calling out for ice-creams and sweet treats.
Where the smell of sweet fresh donuts and coffee dance on the sea air as people buy little tubs of winkles, mussels and prawns to eat with a cocktail stick as they walk on by.
God, I can be so lucky to live in this amazing City!

Where do you live? Is it by the sea?

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  1. Yum yum yum yum yum! Looks like great food and uber relaxing.


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