Sunday, 24 March 2013

time out

There are not many places I'd go where I feel I can sit back and actually relax.
Cafe Rouge in my city, in the still quietness of a late afternoon, after the mad lunch time rush has gone is a lovely and so very quiet place to enjoy, especially if I'm lucky to get my ususal spot in the far corner by the window....luxurious!

Cafe Rouge really does reminds me of the memories of numerous trips to France, from visiting the beautiful village and grounds of Versailles, countryside retreats and to the cafe culture that makes Paris famous for what it is.

Its the one place where I feel relaxed enough to have a proper drink with something to eat....i can slowly nurse a beer or a sweet glass of wine or bellini and enjoy the space, slowness of the day and and quiet.

It helps that the food here is lovely, fresh and simple in construction and taste and there' s nothing more enjoyable than a plate of chicken and bacon salad!  I really could wile away the hours here! Some people like coffee shops, mine is here!

Where is your favourite quiet spot?

Birdie Love

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