Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Quirky website share 2

thought I share some quirky websites I've discovered and used recently for your pleasure!

Chain reaction game -  this is a hard to describe yet quirky game where you click to start a chain reaction. Its really quite difficult to find the words for this so I would click nd see for yourself and give it a play! Simple yet strangely addictive!

Bonneville salt flats at night - perfect for the astrologists and star gazers out there! This is a panoramic view of the stars and heavens in the night sky over the Salt flats. Click and drag with your mouse to move slowly or quick in whatever angle, to see the cosmos, stars and milky way....it is stunningly beautiful and makes you feels so small in this massive universe!

Book shelf porn - Love books? Does the sight of rows upon rows of books reduce you to a pile of quivering, escatic goo? Then this is the website for you!

Shuffle - another sweetly innocent and addictive game! The aim of shuffle is to use your counters to knock the opponents counters off the board.

Finding Vegan - I'm currently looking at vegan recipes for a challenge and to also improve my knowledge on fruits and vegables in general. This is a really good place to start with a nice array of recipes with wonderful photography that entices even the none vegans to give it a whirl!

Hope you enjoy!

Birdie Love


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