Sunday, 17 March 2013

a tea party for three

recently I had two of my best girl pals over for what we call a tea party! Lots of cups of tea served in delicate bone china with a wonderful array of hot and cold foods and cakes...lots of cakes!
And all handmade by me!

Baby victoria sandwiches, vanilla cupcake-pies, chocolate mint caupcakes, cola cupcakes...oh my!!!

 proper silver service stuff I tell you!

Honey roasted figs with blue cheese was a perfect little ot snack and so very deliscious and met with approval. If you want to try something new, try this one

 tabouleh with hand cut herbs, feta cheese crumbled on top with some lemon juice and olive oil...another really flavoursome dish

Potatas bravas was bought out too and a cold meat tapas board with home baked spnish tomato and herb loaf

...home fried calamari, breaded mushrooms and my first ever paella wirh chicken and prawns in it were bought to the table too!....visually it was amazing to look at and we were all very happy to tuck in! I was so proud of cooking up this wonderful tea time feast!

 look at that awesome paella!

 cakes with chcoclate mousse in martini glasses, fresh fruits for dipping...mmmm!

And the perfect cuppa tea to wash everything down was Yogi tea's chocolat flavour!

Thanks to my girls for a wonderful afternoon and what a wonderful feast! All made lovingly with my own hands! (go me!) and a great excuse for me to dig my china out and my quirky crockery collection!

If anyone is interested for recipes, give me a shout and I will share with you! (there's just too many to type up!)

Birdie love

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  1. Oh my!! That looks like my kind of afternoon! Could I have the recipe for the tabouleh and spanish tomato and herb loaf?! xx


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