Saturday, 23 March 2013

lust-worthy goodies

After trawling the world wide web recently, I simply had to collate a collection of goodies I simply adore and admire! These pieces had me reaching for my wallet...but alas the coffers are empty and pay day is so far away..*sniffles*...
but never mind, let's still take in the awesomeness!

Bomber Jacket 1970's style - Tiger Lilly Bomber Jacket
bomber jacket
Made from vintage kimono fabric, I so very much love the fresh looking retake on the 70's look!
And even more for what LizzieOdesigns had to say...

"All of my kimono fabrics are very special to me and I know they will be to you as well. They have a unique feel, each coming with its own sense of history and memories. Touch them and you connect with a time gone by."  - LizzieOdesigns

I know the exactly feeling! I collected fabrics that I can still tell you where, when and how I got them and sometimes you can find me telling people this as I hand over a freshly made gidt from my own fabrics! In a strange way, they are your babies!

cupcake dressing table
I know this is listed as a little girl's dressing table....but dammit! It's so me! beautifully restored and such a lovely colour too! Those cupcake drawers are just so sweet!

Worth looking in the shop at the Coles and son side board too which is so very beautiful and would love to have it in my house...somewhere if i can make room!

Felix the Fox Tea Towel / Cloth Kit - A silkscreen design by Sarah Young
Felix the fox
"Felix the Fox is a silkscreen design on 100% cotton. It can simply be used as a tea-towel/dish -towel (wash at 40 degrees centigrade) or following the easy printed instructions Felix can be cut out, sewn and stuffed to make a bright, attractive child's toy or cushion."

I love the design! Such a beautifully handsome fox! I like his eyes best! I do love how you can have the option of keeping this as a tea-towel or making your own cuddly fox! versatile crafts is the best!

Pink Candy High Tops Sneakers
I'm in love!
painted footwear is something of a trend from what Ive seen and there is lots of designs, colour ways and ideas out there. This pair is just plain gorgeous and one of the better ones! I love the hand painted's art you can wear and individual to you! What's not to love?! I would promote this pair of sneakers over a designer pair any day! Why be apart of a trend when you can start one?

Hand painted patch - Wearable art (Bowie Bunny)
bowie patch
What an awesome rabbit! sweetly naive yet colourfully cool, i think this hits the right level of awwww!
 In the shop I love the buffy bunny patch and the amazing gizmo wall art embroidery! i mean you see it for yourself!

Gizmo Wall Decor

Now remember;
Do not get him wet!
Do not feed him after midnight!
Keep him away from bright lights, especially sunlight!

Let's be serious though, this little guy is not going to turn in to one of those naughty green gremlins, I can guarantee that.   

Are you sure? really sure?! I dont want to wake up and find a trashed house! But seriously how amazing and cute is this wallhanging?  I keep staring at it...then over to a blank space on the living room wall then back again....must...have...this...!

Batman full skater style skirt
One word...MINE!
love the fabric! Oh yes!
You can't go wrong with a lovely little skirt like this!

Game of Thrones Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon friendship bracelet on waxed cotton cord
GoT bracelet
 Be part of House Targaryen, after all Fire cannot kill a dragon...

Im watching and read Game of Thrones at the moment and I'm currently Team Targaryen and more so, Team Tyrion! Its a series that is worth watching, certainly if the size of the books put you off! You will find yourself caught up in all the fights, feuds, rumours and lust that plays out for our delight!
And this little bracelet is lovely and a more classy way to show your allegience!

Notebook for Stealing Ideas - A6 sized notebook with screenprinted cover - Bloodied version

This notebook's cover pretty much captures that feeling I have when I look at some amazing person and scowl, thinking "If only I could steal some of your ideas from your brain...."
If only I had done that  to Bill Gates or something....

 Hope you enjoy this little round-up! Please do feel free to share with me anything you like yourself!

Birdie Love

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