Saturday, 30 March 2013

funday bun-day!

Hot Satan's Buns!

Trekkie Bun!

more traditional hot crossed buns

sweet, sweet taste of successful Satan's buns!
Its been a slow day today, as tomorrow we are seeing family and having dinner with my baby bro!
I cant wait to get this massive 1kg easter egg to them just to smash it apart! I keep walking past this monstrosity and grinning like a loony! Its looks so comical and huge! Just imagine all that chocolate!
Nothing like a lazy morning catching up on books and favourite magazines which I spotted the recipe for ht cross buns in, and deciding we need a fresh batch ready for tomorrow and having all but two ingredients, I went for it!
I decided as I was about to decorate them, to mix up the decor a little and make some with pentacles on some of them so they became Hot Satan's Buns...perfect for the goths, anti-christ, atheists or those who got a sense of humour! Let's devour evil!

And just for the hubby....a hot trekkie bun for him!

We had a sneaky one still warm from the oven....i'm actually very impressed with myself as I don't do very well with breads in general but these were delish!

I also, finally watched My Neighbour  Totoro for the first time ever! I collect anime and seen pretty much all of studio ghibli's works apart from just didn't appeal to me as everyone was talking about it as if they were connoisseurs of japanese and Asian films when all they have actually seen is just this one. Like someone said to me, "Anyone can buy a Totoro bag for example, and brashly declare themselves fans of all things Japan. When it comes to the bare bones of it all, they actually know so little of the culture, why certain characters and names are in such films or indeed, how the film actually came about in the first place and how it fits into it's culture!"

Needless to say, I very much enjoyed the film, it's not my favourite Ghibli film but I appreciate its charm and recognise where it started out its origin as a child's story and indeed a fairytale.

I wouldn't mind a neighbourhood Tororo though, thank you very much!

Birdie Love

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