Sunday, 24 March 2013

the baking diary

Of late, I love baking and especially with seasonal and fresh ingrediants and finding ways to up my intake of fruit and vegs

 baked avocado filled with tomato, onion and blue cheese on a bed of spinach - delish!

nachos.....thanks to my wonderful american friend for feeding me them to realise how much ive missed them!
home made guachamole, salsa and refried beans toppings just makes it taste the bomb too!

grounding up fresh rosemary, sea salt, pepercorns and some other spices for the sweet potato rub... it smelt so good and it was lovely to work with fresh goods instead of dried herbs...bleurgh! Always try and work with fresh where you can, I say!

 these when roasted were rolled in grand pedano breadcrumbs for a nice cheesey coating....mmmmmm!

Three bean salad with vinegarette dressing

melted chocolate......whats not to love?!

my herb crusted rack of lamb!.......oh yeah!

feel i need to do a dinner party soon me thinks.....!

Birdie Love


  1. Your food always looks so amazing!

    1. aww thank you! What can i say? I just love to cook!


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