Saturday, 30 March 2013

a long good friday

Sweet Macaroni It is freezing! The wind in the city is so very cold and something furious enough to blow the sand off beaches and business yards into people's faces! The sea is rough and the people are freezing in the streets, the kind of freezing that sneaks through the many layers of clothes you might be wearing to leave you chilled.
My hubby and I have been busy so today was date day and we went for a cold walk through the city's barbican and working harbour to have Thai food in a little cafe/bar that is tucked away up dainty cobbled streets. Walking through streets full of market stalls, vendors huddled against the wind to somewhere with salsa and Cuban music playing, warm fiery foods and cold refreshing drinks....lovely!
I picked up my usual Simple Things magazine and the new crafty one too...somehting that looks right up my street and for the rest of the day, we curled up in the warm, away from the cold...(apart from a late night walk), sipping beer and ciders, watching lazy movies and enjoying the nice rare day off together.

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