Sunday, 17 March 2013

The story of Wiggles at the dinner party

I bring to you a picture story of Wiggles the beloved pug at at a recent dinner party...
Can you guess who had chicken in her hands?

dinner that night for us all was an excellent hybrid chilli-curry-sausage hotpot with one dinner guess missing...

...but who helped himself to a chair and made his presence known!

 But when Wiggles had to give up his seat, he was not going to let that set him back...

taking advantage of the free-for all food frenzy, he snuck up

and began eyeing his neighbour's dinner plate...

even when evicted from that seat, he still managed to find another one...

and this time, naughty Wiggles had short lived success....sweet tasting success!

Its hard work being a handsome looking pug

Birdie love and thanks to Wiggles and Dave for his excellent cooking!


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