Monday, 4 March 2013

The year so far...

in pictures...
an Insomniac's morning

Cakes from my dad

new book based on my favourite story!

 Terry's chocolate orange hot chocolate from a friend
 The only bit of snow I found in Plymouth after the snow storms that bombarded the rest of the southwest!
 My new key ring, thanks to forbidden planet! Batman knows his place!
 My newest Hello Kitty pez dispenser!

 My diary, which is currently helping me become more organised with my bad memory!

Candle-watching, which is helping me as part of my therapy and mental exercises 

 As a cheese lover, this poem is brilliant!

Making my own smoothies and juices and getting those fruity goodness into me! 

Enjoying the sunlight in the mornings 

 Sunday roasts at the local with my family
 My new converses that I scouted around for and paid a bargain price - no doubt you will see them on a future "what I wore" post!
 Appearing in the papers....again! This time based on my work as youth officer for the local unions and goverment

A footy tree! Local creative graffiti 

Godson Henry 

Nom! My current favourite game character!

Birdie love

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