Friday, 15 March 2013

this week...

 I won at poker! Finally! think Bruce was my lucky mascot!
Who, me?

A cuppa at my parents our of my special guinea pig mug, reserved just for me!

spring is nearly here! The local squirrels are back out of hibernation and stealing passerby's crisps when they get a chance!

My super David and Goliath Martial Artist guy!My kinda humour!

cherry I adore thee

my custom designed and hand made corset all lovingly wrapped up in the post which arrived for me!

Sorry?! How much for a pizza?!

a quiet friday night in for myself with a large pizza, wrapped up warm with the least the pizza didn't cost a grand!

Its been a long week, especially with my dad being in and out of hospital...hopefully he is now out for good and stays out!
Ive come down with the sniffles, I think from being run down with everything going on, weird work hours and even weirder life and erratic energy patterns. I'm hoping to recover quickly and get back on an even keel asap as I want to get some project underway.

How is everyone?

Birdie love

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