Saturday, 23 June 2012

Puggly moments in time

Yesterday, I met my handsome little friend Wiggles the pug...isn't he a darling? (apart from his scary eyes...)

 I went over to a friends house to help them with little wedding bits and pieces, the company was great, the atmosphere chilled and the overall ambiance was relaxed and pleasent. There's few places where I feel comfortable and spending time in the company of good friends makes the world rock that little bit better!

 A lobster you do!

How does your garden grow?

Taste the rainbow...(just playing with the camera and getting shots that sets the mood of the evening.)

Sweet potato roasted with garlic and rosemary....yummers! I love it! (and scoffed the lot!)

Haribo....and I couldnt eat a single one! (And I tied each and every one of those 99 bags into little bows!)

Quiet...apart from a snuffling pug at our feet!
And waves of chatter washing over me as I fiddled with string here, cut paper there...and walking home in the warm midnight air, followed by a friendly cat who mewled for a stroke or three.
Its nice to have a time out for a few hours.
Hope your weekend is going great! 

Birdie love

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