Thursday, 14 June 2012

27 things..

I thought and thought about it but I decided to just write it down and go for it. For a long while I've been taking life one day at the time  and some days, hour by hour and been too frightened to make goals or any plans of any sorts...I cant even make decisions as to what to do in the next 10 minutes let alone 10 days! I really did and still now cannot see myself in the future in any shape or form. I'm here now but in the next hour or next day, week, month,...year...? I don't know...
So maybe on my 27th birthday I can focus for the the 27th year of my life 27 things I like to achieve or do?
What have I to lose..?

  1. To finally visit Alton yeah?!
  2. To grade a belt in karate - would be nice especially after the accident setting me back...
  3. To have made considerable progress in either learning to play the violin or guitar..*gulps*
  4. To have made considerable progress in both french and japanese languages...*double gulps*
  5. To have made one dress, skirt and top from scratch...
  6. To go to London for a few days by lonely deafsome...not that I'm scared!
  7. To have a car boot sale and off-load some junk...yes siree!
  8. To have a christmas party with friends
  9. To actually make/finish a quilt this year?!
  10. Get Birdz Nest going on a stronger footing whatever the future holds
  11. To have another small tattoo
  12. To hand make as many gifts as possible for birthdays, christmas and other celebrations!
  13. To actually seel something on ebay...will you do it already girl?!
  14. To save up a little money and buy myself some bling...just cos a girl doesnt need a man to buy it for her and just cos a girl can!
  15. To sing...publically...this is going to be the scariest thing to do for me...
  16. To de-clutter and blitz the house for come what may
  17. To get back onto the piste and ski!
  18. To throw a Japanorama/Hello Kitty party...just because...!
  19. To harvest food from my allotment this year!
  20. Have that tea party with the girlies like we keep talking about!
  21. To take the geeky plunge and buy a nice bust/figurine of a comic/film character that means alot to me....and i got some in mind...!
  22. Design and prouce a collection bei it clothes/craft items or paintings...start small and get inspiration flowing!
  23. To watch 10 good films with Robert Redford in after reading an article and realising he's been in pretty much every movie that made it in the top movies in some way be it actor/director and I hope to appreciate his work a bit more...
  24. To go to the british museum...i love that place...
  25. To throw a family dinner party...a big one like i did last year come dine with me style!
  26. To make a doll/plushie!
  27. Keep an ongoing record on blogger/in journal/ photos of the year ahead to help me keep going.

Maybe you could help with any one of these? Be much appreciated!

Birdie Love

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