Wednesday, 13 June 2012

craft challenges - the start...

Back in April I set a challenge on facebook and my friends replied and I have picked the few to work on for the moment as listed below..

right, the challenge is set....time to get my craft on and complete the following challenges....
* - sonic teddy as set by Alan Meyrick  - in progress

* - Totoro plushie as set by Myles Thorpe
* - Dinosaur Quilt as set by Henry / Gemma Brennan - in progress
* - applique piece as set by Gina Lee
* - mystery birthday gift as set by me! - achieved! (was owl pressie for Abi!)
* - a geeky cross stitch as set by Darren Scott Jakes
* - plushie thor's hammer Mjolnir as set by kat
* - sample piece as set by Tamar Valley working group - in progress

Im to add to this, two other projects being gifts to two sets of friends for two special occasions coming up...I shall post what I can unless its a suprise project!

Time to get this craft mojo in gear!

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