Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Right now...

  • I am tired. I wanted to write up a posting in response to a comment I had as well as upload some pictures to share from the past few days but all the energy is gone from me. And I'm not going to fight it! I've learnt my lessons in over-doing things!
  • Is feeling a little haunted after visiting my home city of birth, driving past my old house and mourning the missing trees we use to play in, I could still name all the neighbours in their houses they use to live in. Its like revisiting a ghost and its memories, Im not sure if this came at a good time or one that is a little heavy considering everything and how fragile I guess I can be? we truely were the last generation that played in the streets and came home when the street lights came on. The last age of innocence.
  • Laughed at the suggestion of getting another little guinea-pig and calling him Short-round. Indiana and Short-round?! I'm set for animals at the moment I think!
  •  Wondering what to do tomorrow. There's odds and ends about the place that are crying for attention but I'm not sure. I know I should but part of me wants a lazy day...I better not really...
  • Really wants to go back to work. This is getting unreal and fustrating. I know I'm signed off for serious/severe reasons but I also just want to get on with it! I'm not going to push myself back if I'm not ready but financially I'm running out of choices as well...! Even if its part time or any job, something gotta happen soon!
  •  Games. I hate them. Not board games or computer games of any kind but the ones we adults play. I'm not playing them and I am aware of what is going on but I either have nothing to say or not bothering to lower myself.  Besides, I'm not joining in on a game where the rule book is thrown out the window a long time ago alongside with logic and rational!
  • Haven't really got a lot to say to a lot of people, I'm just rolling with it day by day. I've gone back to my quiet roots.
  •   Looking forward to some swimming at the local Life Centre over the next few days with peeps, should be a laugh! Plus the big splashy weekend is coming!
  • Totally at loss as to how her brain has turned to goo and will have to resort to writing up a list in a moment of things to do...*sighs*...another sign I'm getting older!
  • Is looking at pulling together a small craft group for some lovely deaf ladies of mine at my place maybe over the weekend...stitch and bitch time!
  • Going over photos taken from the zoo today, My! How we walked! And how my mother excitidly exclaim everytime she found a creature in its enclosure! And how it really was "I went to the zoo, saw a monkey and thought of you!" regarding my brother!
  • Wondering will I ever completely heal and be ok? Where one look at something/one doesnt reduce me back to that messy state?
  • Hoping you are having a good day where ever you are! xxx

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