Friday, 8 June 2012


I have a new little friend given to me as a birthday gift by my godson and his mommy!

I had to share!

Can you guess who this is?

This is Indy!

Indy is approx. 8 weeks old and is roughly the same age as my godson Henry who apparently picked him out the pet shop. The little guy stared transfixed at all the little piggies in the cage but there's one he kept reacting to and it was this little guy!
I absolutely love guinea pigs! I've always had them through my life and it something about their little characters and features that turn my heart into mush. I'm not really a "cute" person but piggies...they turn me into a gooey pile of pink glittery cuteness!
Indy is short for Indiana ...well Indiana Jones, another great love of mine (I loved the stories and the films as a child and use to run around pretending I was him and grew up wanting to be an archeologist and be so close to history) and there's a little connection to Henry as Indiana Jones' real name is Henry Jones Jnr. 
Indy for a guinea-pig just stuck and Indy he is now called!

He is so small and fits in the palm of my hand. He already loves his cuddles and purrs with contentment and he's still a baby so hasnt got the whole guinea pig distinctive cry at the moment...all he can manage is a tiny squeak! Hopefully in the near future I will get a little male friend to keep him company.

I love having another little cavy, they as so interactive if you keep them as a house pet. they call for you when you come home and run to the fridge when you open it, knowing thats where the carrots are kept!

Welcome to the family little baby! You will be much loved by me!



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