Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Right now...

  • Right now there's a happy bunny stretched out in his cage after a day of running around and a baby guinea-pig getting better after coming down with a respiratory infection. The parrot is loving all the food he is getting, a bit of carrot here and a strawberry there that he's becoming more cheeky and greets you as soon as he hears the fridge opening...happy pets is a happy home!
  • Is trying to ignore the agony  of my Eczema that has flared up so bad that i've now got open raw wounds on pretty much every joint...ouchy...!
  • You know when money is really tight when the coca cola and pepsi has given way to 40p bottles of coke...I detest the stuff!  it either the proper stuff or water and water it will be!
  • Just had a good few ideas come my way and might actually look into one or two of them and see where to take it...hmm, thinking caps needed!
  • Bit bummed I missed karate tonight but as I mentioned earlier, I really couldnt move much, today was a sofa day...and the fact its been raining outside makes it better as I feel less guilty! 
  •  Is wondering what on earth is happening about my birthday on thursday, apparently plans are in place...what are you people doing?!
  • Looking forward to going to a friend's bridal fitting tomorrow...it will be great to see her dress and the lovely tattooed lady looking like a goddess! She deserves it. x
  •  Is wondering how to spend the last day of being 26 tomorrow...it hasnt been the greatest year and so wonders what 27 will bring?
  • Really wants a better camera to be able to take better pictures for this blog and in general...it's a great diary to be able able to take a picture and look back on that day from an image alone. Want to put a little money to one side over time for a nice but seriously "professional" camera but where do I start?! What brands and lenses?! and I'm trained to be a qualified photographer as well! *embarassed*
  • Going through loads of blogs and finding some great inspirations out there!
  •  choccy bacon cookies, kawaii shoes and cross stitch porn is where its all at today...! o_0
  •  Thinking of having a crafty competition give-away soon to celebrate my birthday so keep checking back here for details!
  • Has got a drawing in her head she needs to put down onto paper soonish!
  •  Needs to tidy that bedroom but finding it so hard to get the motivation from somewhere...*grumble grumble*
  •  Really in the mood for japanese food...gyoza dumplings grilled cheese maki....*drools*
  •  Wishing you all a great tuesday!
Birdie love

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