Thursday, 21 June 2012

Right now..

  • I have eaten 3 quaters of that little, tiny cake given to me for my it's so small, I don't feel the slightest bit guilty! (not fussed about my weight really!)    
  •  Is watching Quantum of Solace and admiring the clothes by Tom Ford, never had Bond looked and dressed so well! This got me thinking, it isn't a coincidence that most fashion designers are men...they do seem to know what women want when it comes to fashion. Yet why is something that concerns women greatly and appeals to them is governed by men? Does it show that women tend to want to dress for the opposite sex in clothes designed and inspired by men? Tom Ford however just oozes style and sexiness so I wouldn't be complaining!
  • Is pleased she found a way to now get bigger, more visable pictures you can see on the blog and not something so tiny as it was before...thank the lord!
  • I'm hating the dermertisis on her hnds, they feel like fire and burn!
  • Needing the "get up and go" to come back from its sabbatical, any moment now please!
  •  I've found some beautiful pictures from previous holidays and honeymoon..stunning pictures I might share on here in the future.
  • Is bit down I've been signed off for another month, finacially I'm running out of choices but medically I'm not fit to what the heck do I do?!
  •  Is loving the fact the muse is coming back but just wishes she sorts herself out as to what she is doing?! She is all over the place and I'm tired of having ideas come to me then fleeing...think I should buy a giant net, a muse-catching net...!
  • Money is unbelievably tight and I need to get creative with the food remaining in the house...*puts thinking cap on.*
  •  There's a parrot, a parrakeet and a budgie in the house that doesn know to SHUT UP!!!
  • Has a burlesque project in the pipe-lines with some people but its all hush-hush at the moment!
  • Doesnt mind the rain as I can snuggle up inside the house but all day, every day?! I want some sunshine dammit!
  •  I'm proud I went swimming at Tinside and then karate yesterday...rock n roll!
  • Wants a hug from a certain pug!
  •  Just wants things now to be plain sailing and start sorting themselves out a little.
  • Realising yesterday and today just how far I've still gotta go and how deep it still all hurts...and admitting I don't think it will ever go away but I will learn to somehow live with it and go from there.
  • Getting back to my japanese roots big time! Loving the manga and anime and the peeps I know and rock with! 
  • Sleep is out of whack again...*sighs*
  •  Is thinking about christmas and a few gift it too early?!
  • Yesterday's swim in the cold seawater in the bright sun given me peace, I could almost have been swimming back in Bali...almost...!
  • Thinking its a shame to see people riding on others coat-tails to glory, it's not nice to use people and it shows laziness and lack of inspiration on their part. Fly with your own wings dammit!
  • Wondering what to do tomorrow...Hmm...  
  • Looking forward to that mini break away to Torquay soon...will be a nice break amongst the mundane!
  • Cant wait to blog soon about the art work I've done! Not bad for random doodles and pratice ideas!
  •  Doesnt know where to start with all the star wars books given to me from Muddy...thank you!
  • Enjoyed her visit recently from Luka and his daddy! Sucha  smile on him!
  • Sending you Birdie love as always! xxx

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