Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I Mustache you a question...Craft share

Inspired by this picture, I bring to you a craft share all about the mustache! Its been a while hasn't it since my last craft share! Enjoy!

Narwhal Plush - with Mustache and Monocle - Medium - MADE TO ORDER (Choose colors)
mustached, monocle wearing narwhale!
Ooooh! Suits you sir! This rather fine dandy of a narwhale is looking rather spiffing, wouldnt you say?
That little Poirot style mustache suits is rather cute and that monocle.....awwwwww!
I could cuddle this little fella all day long!

Mustache Paper Cut
mustache paper cut

Miranda Markel asks the age old question here to all mustache wearing friends..."just what are you hiding up there?"
My mustached dad used to have stray crumbs that got caught...he use to claim he was saving them for later...hmmm....
Does Chuck Norris has another fist under his?
Maybe we shall never know....

Womens White with Pink Mustache Print Dress Vintage Inspired Full Skirt Sweetheart Neckline size Medium
mustache dress

Proving that the mustache is not just for the gentlemen but also for the ladies, Offbeatvintage gives us this lovely girly pink mustached dress! Loving the vintage 50's vibe!

Groomsman Gift Personalized Mens Toiletry Bag Mustache HANDMADE Wedding Shaving Kit Custom Groomsmen Gift Groomsman Gift Felix Street
hand made mustache wash bag

I am loving these wash bags! The fabric is so very nice and the little 3-D mustache with initials and strap just works really so very well together!
Such a nice little thing to give to any man!

Silver Moustache Comb Necklace Metal Mustache Comb Pendant Movember
silver moustache comb

"Always be prepared for grooming your guy with this adorable handlebar mustache shaped mini comb necklace." - Moon Raven Designs

I now want my hubby, my boss...dammit even my rabbit and guinea pig to grow a mustache for me to groom with this little baby! Such a wonderful dandy little thing isnt it?!

VEGAN Mr. Mustache with Monocle Brown Cotton Cross Body
Mr Mustache bag

This bag is just amazing! Where do I start?
That mustache?
That splendid monocle and chain?
The fact its Vegan made?
All of them!?

Girls Mustache and Lace Couture Ruffle Dress Sizes 6-12 M, 12-18 M, 18-24 M, 2, 3, 4, 5
mustache and lace dress
Naaaaaaaw! How sweet does this little dress look?
That skirt....I can't get over how amazing the ruffles on that skirt are!
I want...no...need an adult version of this for the ruffles alone!

Super Mario Mustache Cute Tank Top Shirt White Men Women Unisex Size S , M, L, XL
super mario mustache top
How epic is this?!
The great thing is this tank top is unisex so everyone can wear it.....and rejoice in it's awesomeness!

Mustache Shirt, Cowboy, Guns, Mens Tee, Creme, American Apparel, Available S M L XL XXL
cowboy mustache
This is how in my mind's eye I see mustaches....with their own character, personalities and soul!

"Truth be told, guns don't kill people, gun-wielding mustaches kill people...put 'em up!" - John Paul

If that is the case.....*runs away*

Bunny with a Mustache and Monocle Necklace, Rabbit Art Pendant, Bunny Jewelry, Rabbit Charm (602)
monocle bunny
I simply had to include this!
Cute - enough said!

Hope you enjoyed this crafty round up of the mustache kind!
As usual, all the craftsters featured in this craft share are the stars for making wonderful pieces and making the world a brighter place!

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  1. so many mustaches! i adore the mustache and lace dress and the bag! x


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