Sunday, 16 June 2013

Another year older...

Started the day at my favorite breakfast place and muched down eggs benedicts....yum!

The hubby made me a surprise....


Batman...who looking a bit fat!

  a cookie version of Bruce the bunny and Indy the G-pig! I can't bring myself to eat them!

A tiny birthday cake make fresh for me by my daddy with lashings of fresh cream and was so good and I love it! Best present of the lot! My dad knows me well!

That evening we went out for a meal where I had booked it a while ago because the place came with its own seperate dining room...perfect for a deaf person like me who can now hear everyone and join in the conversation. The ambiance and presentation is totally up my street too with black ornate dining table and chairs that sat 16 people, chandeliers and candelabras and a wall covered in wall paper that showed Maria Antoinette at one of her parties....oppulant! 

I indulged in a rare treat of eating a steak with all the trimmings and sauce....and the onion rings were huge to the point I could wear them as bracelets! So goooood!

I had a wonderful day celebrating my birthday.

I really do feel proud to have survived this crazy world another year and felt so loved by the constant stream of well wishes, visitors and messages. Im surrounded by wonderful people, the ones that matter and contribute amazing things to my life.

I am truly blessed.

Birdie love

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