Tuesday, 11 June 2013

summer days

Sorry I havent been around lately, I guess life kinda got in the way and I needed time out from the laptop...it's amazing the number of hours one can while away on it!

Oh yeah!
I hug them until their eyes pop out!
Still wouldnt have one though...the amount of expenses and care that goes into this breed is mind-blowing! You cant be lazy with this breed at all!

The hubby came back from London with a bag of surprises for me! Catwoman tote - yes please! Comics?  - Oh yes! Vampire Hunter Graphic novel?......oh hell yeah! What a wonderful man, no?

Where I can, I've been enjoying the sunshine and reading away in the warm glow...which I was doing one sunday when the black local cat below, came over, sat himself on my phone and book in my lap awaiting me to stroke him...presumptuous much I say?!

Cheeky sod...!

So very true...its the journey not the destination that counts!

My current read - well recommended!

A happy, snuggly Indy!

Er...wise words?

Been eating nothing much of late than salads by the bowls full! Seriously tasty and strangely addictive! Helped lose a few pounds in weight and perked my skin right up!

Birthday blooms!

My sweet toothed treats of late is fruits with yogurt and honey...yum!

The famous Smeaton's tower! I climbed this wearing a huge wedding dress...I'm not joking!

Been swimming in the very cold waters of Tinside - perfect for people who want to try wild swimming but not a fan or seaweed or things that lurks beneath the surface!

Been loving the scents of my new skittles candles....not too strong in their sweet aroma but just as yummy!

Framed my favourite Moschino Cheap and Chic Scarf....pretty is it not?

A doggy house guest making herself comfy one night...she was asleep like this for a good while before gravity won it's battle and she came down to earth with a thump!

How have everyone been?
Hope you are all well!
Hopefully now the blog updates will be back on track!

Birdie Love

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