Sunday, 23 June 2013

Right now...

I'm drifting through the days at times, just riding them out one by one and seeing what each day unfurls for me like a small gift deep in wrapping paper.
Days that gone by like visiting my brother in Taunton, visiting a vintage fair, getting free massages with my mum, having a manicure and pedicure as a rare birthday treat, attending a steampunk surprise party and simply enjoying a rare bowl of Lucky Charms cereal!

I'm currently taking a break from therapy, she had an accident but also I just felt i needed time to myself...every week since December 2011 I have had at least one doctors/hospital visit and of late it rose to three to five times a week for several weeks running...waaay too much!

There are times I guess you need to roll with it and see what life sends your way as well as planning your life.

Birdie Love

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