Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I'm scared but excited...

as this little Birdie is off to the British capital by herself next week!

As a birthday present to myself (my birthday this friday!), I decided to take myself off to the city of London again for a stay by myself! I'm so nervous as it the first time in a long time I be by myself completely with no one near to help if things go wrong. (such a big girl!)

Its something I always wanted to do since I was 15 when I visited the city with my Art class with wide eyes and wonder. I like to browse, to stop in the streets and look up and around and see things that doesn't usually get seen.

At the moment I only have two goals to pursue and enjoy is to buy to buy some Laduree macaroons...arguably one of the best and luxurious brands of macaroons to buy from. ( I failed to do so on my last visit to London!)
And secondly, to visit a proper dim sum restaurant to enjoy the tasty chinese fare! (i'm a massive dim sum lover!)...still deciding where to go!

Havent got anything concrete planned as such as I want to see where my feet takes me. I know I'd like to see the British Library which I last seen when I was sweet 16 and fell in love with the place, and a few independent comic shops that have a wonderful array of independent comics that I loved the last time I saw them!

I'm also excited about where I'm staying, a lovely luxury private B&B where you have to apply to stay (I know!) and luckily I been granted the privilege to stay the night (very cheap too!) in the nicer, up-market area Notting Hill. I will no doubt be looking around the area and re-visiting Portobello Road again (ah! My old friend!)
The house looks lovely and the owners are so far so very nice! I cannot wait for that experience alone!
I keep looking over the photos of the places and thinking positive thoughts!

Do you travel by yourself much? How do you feel about it?

Birdie Love

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