Sunday, 16 June 2013

Dartington Food Festival '13

On a very hot day, I mean so hot that you were burnt pink in less than 10 minutes!, we head off for the day at Dartington Food Fair.
In the past you had to pay an extortionate amount to enter what was a very small fair that was hardly worth it. This year, it was free to enter so obviously with the hard times still rolling on with no sign of a break and people not willing to pay all that for nothing, they had to do something!

Well it worked...what a crowd I say!

There was a wonderful array of stalls including a cake competition...

I quite like that sandwich cake!

One stall has a great idea of providing wonderful fresh smoothies but showcasing how much energy goes into blending one up for getting a mad man on a modified bike to pedal like mad to power the blender that churns the fruits...truly is kind to the planet and energy saving!

...and tiny bit mad too!

The sweet thing is, they had a little petting farm on site from a near-by farm which has a tiny 4 week old  pygmy goat baby!

and this funky cockerel with his funky feathery do!

 And this sweet baby lamb who ate grass by kneeling down so his little woolly bottom was stuck up high in the air!

I got to hold that little baby kid sweet and the way mum comes over and watches you with her baby is adorable!

tiny little owl celebrity with his adoring fans!

Really nice day to enjoy. A nice range of foods but I do think there should have been more cakes and baked goodies. I also think some of the prices charged is ridiculous! I know its good to buy local but the prices is waaaay over the line and unless its really good jar of pickle, i'm not forking out £5 for a jar when I can buy it cheaper from the market.
i'm happy to pay £2-3 a jar don't get me wrong but the pricing is very erratic...some stalls are very reasonable but some are over the line. I want to buy local produce by the prices means I can't do this regularly or help local businesses as much.


what do you think of buy local and prices for products?

Still, all in all I would heartily recommend you check out your local food fairs and festivals and take in all that your local area has to offer you. It really is amazing!

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