Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Souk

There's nothing like a meal out to a nice quiet restaurant after a busy night before isnt there?
Where you are too tired to cook and just want the food and the service and someone else to do the work for once!
I walked past earlier in the day walking into town to have my pedicure as part of my birthday treat when I saw The Souk opened for lunch. s in the past its been a little difficult to secure a table, I decided to try my luck and managed to secure a nice table for two in the early evening.

The unique selling point of The Souk is the interior is very much set out to look like a Moroccan Bazaar with beautiful lamps hanging from the ceiling, gauzy kaftan in wonderful candy, soft colours and ornate glass ware displayed on the side and the nice thing is you can buy them.

As well as Moroccan dishes such as lamb tagines, the main focus point of the menu lies in the mezze which are a wonderful array of beautiful Moroccan dishes.
The Hummus Shawarma is something i strongly recommend you try and the Grilled merguez sausages!
And do try the pitcher of pomegranate and rose water juice....wonderfully refreshing!

For afters for myself, I had some Moroccan fruit tea and some Baklava which i absolutely love and is a rare treat for me!
And the hubby had Moroccan coffee which we watched the woman prepare it by pretty much blow-torching the coffee beans before grinding and this coffee pours almost like a syrup!
needless to say the hubby was a bit "buzzy" afterwards!

The Moroccan food here is so wonderfully delicate in flavourings and tatses. they dont just pile in the spices and there is no overwhelming heat....the meats were sweetly flavoured up with cinnamon and layered with spices that just enhances the meat's flavour so the lamb still tasted like lamb but on a whole, new refocused level!
I strongly recommend you try Moroccan cusine and give the meats a go, you might actually find yourself loving it!

I cannot wait to go back to The Souk and wont leave it as long to revisit! Hoping to go back there in September for the hubby's birthday!

The Souk
Pinnacle Quay, 8 Harbour Ave, Plymouth PL4 0BJ
Phone:01752 221111

Link - here

Hope you are all well!
Have you tried Moroccan food?
What did you think?

Birdie Love

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