Monday, 15 July 2013

Right now...

I have the start of my own Minion army!

Treating muma to a specially modified Wagamama brunch 

Office ice creams for the air con broke down...again!

Friday evening drinks on the just couldn't buy this view!

I found the autobot, Bumblebee!

Martini Royale

Poor Bruce is wilting in the heat of late!

A belated beloved birthday present! LOOOOVE!

Been a Lido water baby this the pool is the only place you can be in this heat!

home made Birdie's Juicy Lucys burgers with gooey cheese middle!

I am currently recovering from a severe chest infection that so bad that evertime I cough it makes me sick and everything closes u so tight, I cannot breathe for a little bit...quite scary really! just on a high dosage of antibiotics that bought my skin out in hives but I'm going to stick it out to clear this infection up....six weeks of this is too much now!

How are you all?

what have you been up to?

Birdie love

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