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I like driving in my car...! - Craft Share

A recent vintage and rare car show in the city provided the inspiration for this craft share!
I'm not a massive petrol head but boy! The cars on display were stunning!

Red Car On The Road Necklace
Red car on the road necklace
I'm loving this little polymer clay necklace made by the shop FatPea! So cute and dinky and such an unusual design!  I can totally see myself wearing this little baby!
Lush isnt it?

I Drive 88 MPH Just In Case Screen Printed T-Shirt Mens Ladies Womens Youth Kids Funny Geek Car Time Travel
88 MPH t-shirt
Just epical!
And I really like to point out that it's worth checking out IceCreamTees shop for some more amazing t-shirt designs! I love the scientific inspired designs...they make the little geek in me so very happy!

vintage 1950s inspired fun custom car print crop gypsy top blouse size XS S and M rockabilly VLV
Vintage cars top

As you may know from my previous blog postings that I adore vintage and retro clothing and where given the choice, I would pick this hands down all the time! I always look better for it too!
What wonderful fabric choice! And even cuter garment design!
I'm loving Outer Limitz's shop and already got a mental shopping list going on! And I'm even happier to discover Outer Limitz is based in Exeter, the next city or so over from me! So local and brilliant to find a great little business like this on my doorstep!

The pantie dropper cry baby top
the panty dropper cry baby top
Oh my god! *claps hands excitedly*
How brilliant is this top? And that little Johnny Depp Cry Baby pin....divine! Its a brilliantly tacky film and so bad it's awesome musical numbers that I simply think you have to watch to believe and love!

"this top is so rockabilly and adorable! I made the pin in the middle cry baby of course because what's better than Johnny depp and hot rods!"

And the super thing is BowsbySamanthaRose can make this in any size ladies! So there's no excuse why you lovely things shouldn't be wearing this baby!

Oh yeah!

(i'm so loving the bowsbysamanatharose shop! it's crammed full of awesome things! And I love how every penny she gets goes back into her hotrod! Liking your style girl!)

Car Soap and Washcloth Set
car soap and washcloth
This is actually a pretty cool idea when you come to think of it!
The more kids wash their hands, the more the soap dissolves and they are left with a dinky toy car for their efforts of keeping clean! Pretty good pay-off I say!

Mini Car earrings
mini car earrings

"Teeny tiny Mini earrings. 
Based on the classic mk1 mini (for the enthusiast)
Dainty little earrings for the car loving girl or someone fancying having earrings of something a little different.
Hand made by myself and can be adjusted to your specification.
Even make mini, minis of your mini!"

Aren't these cute by Craftevan? I love that she can make up little earrings of your beloved vehicle too!
(and I love her Henry Hoover earrings in the shop as well!)

Green Felt Gas Can Bag
felt gas can bag
OMG! I love sculptured bags! I got a teapot, car and bag of fries shaped ones! I love the amount of details and work that goes into pieces like these...a mini architectural textile masterpiece!
This shop stocks some amazing pieces that i'm in awe of and if I had lots of money, I would owe several pieces! Just so awesome!

NEW Handmade VHTF Disney Pixar Red Mcqueen Cars Dress Custom Sz 12M-14yrs
Disney Cars girl's dress
Cars are not all for boys at all! This lovely fetching little red dress is perfect for teenie tinie budding petrol head girlies out there too! I'm loving the little chequered flag panels on the hem and bodice of the dress!
so cute!

Size M - Car Play Mat T Shirt : Playtime for Kids, Back Massage for Dad / Father's Day Gift for Dad Father Son Gift Boys Car Shirt Daddy
car play mat t-shirt
"It's 4-wheeled playtime for kids + a relaxing mini back massage for Daddy! "

Now that is a sweet, random-but-coo idea!
They even do a rail track t-shirt if you kiddies are more trainspotters than car lovers! The sweet thing is, I can actually see these t-shirts going down well with dads and children alike! How many time have we seen children playing with body parts of their siblings and family members as imaginary roads and rolling hills ..and judging by the number of happy customers and sales this little shop is getting, its a well thought of and unique product!
Nice one!

What a brilliant election of crafted goodies out there!
These craftsters have made wonderful products and I wish them well in their business success and kudos on your crafting works!

What did you think of this round up?

Have you got anything that worth a shout out here?

Birdie love!

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  1. OMG! How amazing is that Disney Car's dress? Want it so much.


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