Sunday, 28 July 2013

Right now...

  • I've just come home from a nice two day break to the city of Bath, which was a present to me from the hubby for my birthday. It was a very nice time, walking along the streets, re-familiarizing myself with the shops once more and taking in this stunning city! At the end of the first day, we spent a luxurious two hours in the Bath Thermea Spa and just relaxed in the roof top pool, looking over the view of the city in the sunset....amazing!
  • I came across a little cool comic book shop whilst in bath and I came home with lots of goodies I been wanting for a long time but been too expensive or too hard to find...I've very pleased to come home with my little Catwoman figure, and a very cheap Spiderman cake mould I shall use for the Hubby's birthday! Best of all? The Milliennium Falcon and Hans Solo in Carbonite Ice trays that can also be used as cakes moulds....I wanted these like for ever but not at the crazy, stupid prices I've seen so to come across them dirt cheap....I was very happy Birdie indeed!
  • There's a new Hobby Craft open near my house! I'm finally so very pleased one is officially here in the city! The stuff and all the crafty goodness might be a little costly but at least you know you can actually get the bits you want! Already got a few crafty ideas and projects coming my way!
  • Tomorrow (sunday) I'm off out early morning for the yearly craft day with the craft guild I'm a member of. We are trying out a new batch of dyes as we do every year (this year its rainbow dyes and some proper authentic indigo and the usual onion skin dyes!) so this evening I've been cutting and preparing some old sheets for some tie-dyeing effects that hopefully will look great! (I have 8 different styles all tied up and waiting to hit the vats!) I shall let you know how I get on!
  • Now I have a question to you dear readers! I'm completely stuck. I would like to know how do you motivate yourself when you do craft, art, baking or any kind of hobbies? At the moment, my mind is psyching myself out to the point I just become too afraid to even plan a creative thought! Please could you help me? 

Looking forward to hearing from you guys maybe?

Birdie love!


  1. It's crazy to think that you can just have a 2 day weekend in such a great place. And also that they have comic book stores there.


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