Friday, 5 July 2013

Right now...

  • Im excited to go away this weekend to see my brother who has a few things lined up for me to enjoy as a belated birthday gift which is pretty cool. But not as amazing as just getting a chance to see him and hang out with my baby brother!

  • Enjoyed recently travelling to my birth town of Torquay to celebrate my oldest friend's engagement. It was so great to see a friend blessed with all the happiness in the world! we caught the train down, enjoyed hot, fresh donuts on the beach in the hot sun, and wandered up and down the sea's sure weird to come back there...i do not like Torquay at all growing up. Its a tourist city with an artificial heart and soul to me. I remember more of Plymouth growing up and consider Plym-town my home especially since my family on my grandad's side is born and raised for many generations here.

  • Can you believe Henry Cavill of the new Superman film, is going out with Kaley Cuoco (penny from Big Bang Theory) are offically dating?....Just saying!    Wonder what Sheldon would have to say about that?!

  • I'm about to resume therapy again was a nice break whilst it lasted...felt "normal" for a bit!

    • I got a thing for nails at the moment...nothing major or that arty but I finally got some claws! I have the habit of chewing on my nails when tired or nervous so to finally actually get some decent natural "french manicure" looking nails of my own is pretty awesome! Especially love playing around with that blue nail glitter....I got some proper sparkly digits!

    • Is absolutely besotted with the Minions from Despicable Me films! Being deaf, I dont even have to hear what they say...they talk garbage and I still understand them! I'm driving everyone around me nuts with my impersonations of them and yesterday I got a McDonald's happy meal only because it was all I could afford only to discover the toy inside was a Mini Dave Minion with his mighty grabber! I'm so ridiculously happy I got him and he's destined for my desk at work....i fear my hubby will make him "disappear" if he's kept at home much longer...

    • Where has my motivation gone of late? Even this bog been a little neglected of late...sorry!

    • I finally gotten onto Instagram after much pushing and prodding by people...still finding out what the fuss is all about!    


    You can catch me here! Havent got many pictures up at the mo as still finding my way but feel free to say hi!

    How you doing right now?

    Birdie Love

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