Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New Year, New Goals!

I've learnt a long time ago to not bother with resolutions.
Its that old cliche of new year, new me....off to the gym and lose weight and by February, you've fallen off the bandwagon and never to reattempt to get back on until the following new year....whilst feeling very angry and disgusted in yourself during the mean time.

To me, personal goals are set all the time, some big one and some small, Once they are achieved, a new one takes its place that is relevant to you at that time. You've no way of knowing what the year will bring so planning as you is the better way to do it I've found and the pressure is less and more realistic.

Design and produce new pieces for Bird's Nest
I now got some inspirations and themes stockpiled around my house and in my mind! Its about time I get something down on paper and out to the world for others to see what I'm about....and how crazy/weird/kooky I am!

To Blog Regularly!
There are times where I am quiet here, simply because I am busy or I am tired and need space or nothing to say. But overall I kept posting over 2013 and want to continue that into 2014....it keeps me sane and I've met some amazing people through it!

To focus more on my photography
Through the bad times in recent years, I've found my rekindled passion for photography. It expressed thoughts and feelings where words cannot and it forces me to re-look around and hone in on the smallest but most wonderful details that make up our lives and show what an amazing life I have. I want to play with more camera effects and models and capture more around me...there's so much to see in this crazy world of ours!

To sell my wares at least one craft fair in 2014
Its all very well designing and making things but you do need to sell them at some point! I be happy with doing at least one craft fair this year....they are more stressful than you realise you know!

Use social media and the internet less
The internet is a strange and addictive beast. I recent did a post on this blog about the dangers and experiences I've had of social media (you can read it by clicking here ) The truth is, life is the best reality to experience in all its painful and beautiful details. reading other people's status and seeing how much of a great time they are having when you aren't is a little soul-destroying for all of us deep down....but we are making judgement calls on other people's "high-light reels". We do not need to put ourselves through the ordeal of feeling worst coming off the laptop....we did fine without the internet at one point you know! Also it's very easy to spend hours on the internet and it does take hours to do blog updates at times! Isn't that time better used else where? I'm happier away from the laptop and facebook and I'm ok with that.

To eat less meat
Meat is expensive and as a planet, we are struggling to keep up with the demand. Its too easy to plonker a huge slab of meat on the plate and them squeeze in a tiny bit of veg around the sides. Whereas our health and fitness and well being requires to eat more fruit and veg than we actually do. By reducing the intake of meat, I hope it to force me to eat more fruit and veg and to be creative in my cooking and thinking outside the comfortable box whilst taking care to select the meat i do eat is well sourced and well respected.

See friends and family and arrange social events more
Its too easy to shut yourself away at times. Due to my mental health, there was a time where I needed to be around people constantly which wasnt healthy. Then I went the other way and shut myself off....I just wish to readjust the balance a tiny bit more. I always have more fun than I realise and creating happy times and memories is just the best thing ever!

So! there you have it!
What are your hopes and goals for 2014?
Do share! I'd love to know!

Birdie Love

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