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I hope you well!

If you are a regular reader, you might be aware of my Instagram account and may even follow it from time to time!
I love taking pictures and Instagram for me, is like a photo-blog, a medium I can record my own day to day little memories
But there are some great instagrams out there for you to follow if you are an instagram user!

Allow me to recommend you some!

Kooky and cool, Becky's instagram captures some awesome little pieces of her life...such as her Bellatrix Estrange dress (do go and see it!) and her collection of shoes, make-up (which she reviews on her blog) and books!

This is the instagram account that goes hand in hand with the popular henhousehomemade blog...the pictures are sublime and beautifully set up to feature hand made felt jewellery and eye-dazzling quilts...A great pick-me-up site to browse and feel it lift your spirits!

Yes, this is the girl who knits and crochets food! If you can't get enough of her yummy-tastic bog, then shuffle over to her instagram and take in more happy, perky piccies of her work, her wonderful face and scrummy well as her cuddly doggy, Bibi!

This is perhaps one of the best secrets out there in the blog world, Ally runs a little blog called Now Thats Pretty and I cannot recommend enough thatbyou drop everything and go have a! (but do come back!)  so creative and talented in ways that leaves me green beyond green..Ally's blog and her recently started Instagram is just a wonderzone of delights. Do go see the picture of her handbaked golden snitch macarons with the awesome Monster book of Monsters you see in the Harry Potter movies...just amazing....and the recent pictures of the cut-out Sherlock dress....sublime!

And then there is this one created!
Sometimes I feel I can convey more in a picture than a blog update!

Do feel free to check these lovely people out and leave your own instagram account details for me to check out! I do love a good look around!

Birdie Love

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