Friday, 24 January 2014

Sleep - craft share

I hope you are well, fine and dandy and your day is rolling on by nicely!
I bring to you another craft share this time, focusing on the the theme of "sleep"...something I've been getting very little of late!

Whether you get little or plenty of it, sleep is something we all these lovely pieces to follow...!

Let Her Sleep, For When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains - Embroidery Hoop Art Wall Hanging - Baby Girl Nursery Decor, Children's Bedroom
Let her sleep wall hanging
Simple, naively sweet and with a rustic edge due to the stamped lettering , this piece just so cute!
Ive seen several variations to this little quote but this one in its' embroidery hoop and the little details like the heart for me, is the best of the lot!

PATTERN  Go the F-ck to Sleep Baby Customizable Cross Stitch
Go the F*** to sleep cross-stitch pattern
I'm sure every parent at one stage or another have thought this after countless nights of no sleep whilst looking after the baby
I love the fact whilst this remains cute overall with its baby-related border, the over all message is one all adults can relate too!
....I have a feeling I will be cross stitching this for a few people in the near future, judging at the rate everyone around me is getting pregnant!

Breakfasts at Tiffany's inspired sleeping mask. Available in Blue , Sleeping mask,Mask Bridal mask,Elegant mask, Birthday, Christmas Gift...
Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired sleeping mask
So cute! I love those lashes and little pearl at the corner of each eye!
I love the scene where Audrey Hepburn's character comes home late in the morning after another night out and proceeds to bed, complete with wearing ear plugs and an eye-mask completely with eyelashes....I could never forget such a sight!

Cat Necklace - Sleeping Kitten
sleeping cat necklace
Oh to be a cat!
Think about it....they eat, they sleep and do little else in life!
As this "puuuuur-fect" necklace shows....sorry!
I love the kitty's little paws!

sleeping mother and baby bear
Awwww! So beautiful and sweet.
I just love that little cub nestled into his mummy's arms. Just love, love, love this piece!

Sleeping Sea Otters Holding Hands (Magnetized)
sleeping otters
These slumbering sweeties are holding on to each other so they don't drift apart in their dreams. Their magnetized paws keep them together; also, one is clutching a starfish, the other a scallop for an after-snooze snack

What a brilliantly cute idea!
So original and well executed! And a nice reference to Otters who do, sleep holding hands with their loved ones!
This would make a great valentine's gift wouldn't you think?

Doodlebug Dud's Sleeping Bag For That Pet That Loves To Burrow - Size small (under 12 pounds)
dud's sleeping bag
Doodlebug Dud's sleeping bags are great for the pets that love to burrow. Does your pet love to snuggle under your blankets? Are they always trying to get under the clothes or blankies on the couch? Well, now they can have thier very own sack to snuggle in. 

It's not just us humans who like our beds, our four legged friends do too!
I can totally see my bunny loving this, hoping in and out as he has a good rummage around inside then lying down to snuggle!
There's something so darling seeing this little doggy in his own sleeping bag!

Kawaii Sleeping Eye Mask - 'My Neighbor Totoro'
totoro sleep mask
I can't do a craft share without sneaking in a Totoro piece from time to time can I?
I know myself and a few friends who regularly reads this blog would go gaga for this piece!
Look at those eyes!
Those ears!

And now, can i present to you the best thing since sliced bread....

Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag w/ Optional Veggie Pillows
sleeping bag pizza slice
A slice of Pizza sleeping bag with veggy-shaped cushions!
As you can see, the crust is the pillow, then you slip yourself between the tomato and cheese topping and the base to snuggle in.....bliss!
I cant stop looking at this fabulous piece! So witty and brilliantly designed and made isn't it?
I love that broccoli cushion!

Isn't Sleep so exciting?!
You can sleep in a giant pizza slice, whilst holding hands with your loved one like otters, wearing your Totoro eyemask......

Maybe not!

Birdie Love as always!

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