Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentines -craft share!

Valentines - love it or hate it, you cannot really ignore it!
And so, if you hve a partner or just treating yourself to a little self loving, here's some lovely crafted items for  your consideration!
Remember...crafty love is for life, not just for valentines!

Heart Necklace - Silver or Gold Plated Chain - Handmade with LEGO(r) plates
lego heart

***The fun part comes form the connection, there is no clasp on the necklace the LEGO plates make the clasp, so to put the necklace on just detach the 2 plates (pic 2) place the chain around your neck and then attach them back together to form a strong clasp. ***

Simple idea but so brilliantly executed! So in love with this necklace!

Don't go Bacon my Heart  UK Seller
Dont go Bacon my heart mug

Cheesey but brilliant...especially for my bacon/fry-up loving hubby!

Folded Small Heart Upcycled Book Art Sculpture
book sculpture

perfect for the book lovers in your life (like me! *wink wink!*)And an added bonus of being upcycled too, this beautiful piece captures what words simpy doesnt!

Double hearts garter set (Faux Leather)
double heart garter set

We all know Valentines tends to be all about know...*nudge-nudge, wink-wink!*
And this is adorably sweet! Being an old hand when it comes to the Dom and fetish world, this garter set is perfect and unique for I've not seen anything like this yet! I want!

Anatomical Heart embroidered Valentine's Day card
Anatomical embroidered heart card

For the more macabre and morbid lovers out there, you can't go far wrong with these beautifully embroidered anatomical heart cards! I love the vintage style design and the photo corners are the perfect finishing touch!

no matter who you are or where you are in this crazy world, or how you celebrate Valentines day, just remember - someone loves you!

Birdie love!


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