Saturday, 11 January 2014

Unicorn craft share!

First craft share of the new year!
And I bring you...Unicorns!
What's not to love?!
Every girl's dream pet!

Fabric Taxidermy unicorn trophy head
taxidermy unicorn head
just how amazing is this piece?! Just stunning and I adore how the different material mediums work together here, especially the wool hair and the dreamy eyelashes....
The little girl I was, would have loved this on her bedroom wall!

Unicorn Farts Lip Balm
Unicorn fart lip balm
Smells just exactly like real imaginary unicorn farts! Which smell like spearmint and pink cotton candy, everybody knows that. - LongWinterSoap Co

I think i found my next lip balm!
never thought farts would taste so good! 

Unicorn Necklace
unicorn necklace
Viktorija's shop "andsmile" is really worth checking out, I'm in love with her little drawings and badges of select movie and music personalities such as David Bowie! So super cute!

Unicorn Headband - Pinwheel
unicorn headband
BangBangCrash has some brilliant animal costumes, onesies and accessories beyond your wildest imagination...I think they will be featured again soon in another craft share!  Its just that awesome!
Aren't those ears amazing?
I think I got a secret desire to dress up as a unicorn one day....but don't tell anyone!

Blade runner movie unicorn origami
blade runner origami
I cant do a craft share and not sneak in a movie reference piece somewhere!
Blade Runner was a childhood movie of mine when I was growing up. My dad let me watched it quite young and although i didnt have an actual clue what was going on, the film was so beautiful, the clothing and fashion both so futuristic and retro....I loved it!
Rutger Hauer was my favourite actor growing up as he was in this film as well as my classic favourite "Lady Hawke" he was a dream boat!
But the one thing I remember from Blade Runner? The man who left little origami when he leaves a the film now has a huge cult following, there's speculations that these pieces each had meanings

You can read one of the many articles out there here

But the Unicorn was always my favourite so to see this piece out there being kudos! *thumbs up*

Unicorn Headband, Hair Band, Pink or White
unicorn headband
I've been a long term fan of Janine Basil's work and it isn't hard to see why! She predominantly works with glitter! go take a looksy at her shop!

Burlesque Heart Fascinator in ruby red and gold glitter, Cupids Heart   Rainbow Glitter Bow Crown Headband, Rainbow or Pastel Rainbow   Red Heart Fascinator, Japan Doki Doki, Manga and Anime Inspired

Janine is a rainbow haired, british girl who is pretty much working my dream job of playing and creating pretty things with sparkles and glitter! Follow her on Instagram, her pictures always cheer you up! (and to see what colour she has dyed her hair today!)
If I wasn't so broke, I be buying her pieces every month! (yeah, you can tell I've got a bit of a crush can't you? *looks embarassed*)
I hope to do a separate feature post on her pieces as they really are amazing and deserve a shout out at every opportunity!

For me, this unicorn hits the spot with the theme for this post! I mean, when we think of Unicorns, we think ultimately of an image like this!

Pastel Purple Unicorn Necklace, Unicorn Cameo Necklace, Bow Necklace, Purple Necklace, Mauve Necklace
pastel purple unicorn cameo
Temporal Flux has some of my favourite necklaces on Etsy including this sweetly coloured cameo necklace! It really is worth checking out the shop and look over the rest of the beautiful pieces in store.

You can see more pretties like these! (i got my eye on that test tube rack necklace!)
Just Chemistry Necklace, Science Geek Test Tube Necklace, Silver Plated, Teacher Necklace    Skull Locket Necklace, Skull Necklace, Green Skull, Pirate Necklace, Death Necklace    Sparkling Blush Peach Druzy Ring, Large Statement Ring, Cocktail Ring, Crystal Ring, Rose Gold Druzy

Cute as Sky.. Unicorn Headdress with Feather Mohawk
Cute as Sky headdress
"This magical headdress is themed after my favorite childhood movie, The Last Unicorn"

Just amazing!

I can see myself doing a burlesque routine wearing this magnificent baby!
I love the colours and that crystal trim...and those fact I love everything about this!

Despicable Me Inspired Unicorn - made to order
despicable me inspired unicorn

"Its so Fluffy!"

If you are a Minion lover like me, you will recognise this little fella as Agnes's cuddly pet unicorn that was so fluffy....well...

Having seen some of the fluffy unicorns out there, I can say this is one of the best ones out there!
The detailing in the knit is just brilliant and so tactile that you just want to touch it! I just love this unique touch! Very nicely done!

Unicorn and rainbow panties knickers underwear lingerie
unicorn and rainbow panties
I adore Knickerrocker's shop...I'm hoping to eventually save up to purchase me some of their beauties!
I mean c'mon!...

Panties with a  stripy kitty face and ears. lingerie underwear   Galaxy print big knickers lingerie underwear   Panties with cut out and bow lingerie

you can't resist them right?!
Look that the bow! Look at the kitty ears!.... just look at them all!

I'm a Unicorn Tshirt (available in mens and womens sizes)
Bad ass Unicorn t-shirt
Hell yeah!

This craft share, as always cannot be done without the inspirational craftsters and their crafty talent and spirit!
Thank you for being most excellent! And keep up the good work!
please support your local crafts!
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  1. Thank you for reaturing my unicorn , Hannah. Much appreciated xx

  2. Ok! I NEED ONE OF EVERYTHING. I love the badass unicorn shirt and I also love the lipbalm. So cute.


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