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Crafty Shop Spotlight - Pop & Moo

Hello there!

I bring to you a new feature on this blog which I hope to make a regular appearance!
I been doing craft shares for a while now and they have been a popular feature on this blog and deservingly so! There are thousands of wonderful craftsters out there making wondering things that deserve a shout out and a share to the world...but sometimes you come across not one product, or two, or even three that catches your attention but a whole shop!

So Crafty Shop Spotlight aims to now bring your attention to some of the best little online shops hidden in the corners of the web, and their awesome wares for your delight and hopefully purchases...'cos you simply can't live without that kawaii little thing that caught your eye!

So without further ado, I shine the spotlight on...

WIth a banner this cute, it's looking awesome already!

Grey feline flats - Kawaii mary janes - Cute cat shoes UK Size 8 (EUR 41, US 10)
Grey cat flats
It was these lovely little kitty flats that caught my attention first whilst casually browsing....and immediately I had to check these out. Cute, quirky but subtle at the same time, something I very much appreciate about these shoes. Not in-your-face cute overload but tastefully done...I give these a thumbs up and decided to look deeper into Pop & Moo to see what else is on display....

Clicking on the "About" link, I was able to see just what Pop & Mo is about and it's inspiration....

"If I ever come back in another life I want to be a well loved cat".

A saying my family has always said. A well loved cat really has it all, cuteness, play, relaxing, love, happiness.

I wanted a slice of a cats life in this life so left an office job and dived head first into Etsy and, inspired by my two own well loved kitties Pop & Moo, my shop was born and it's filled with everything that is good about a happy cats life...

Cuteness, fun, happiness and joy!

Always be yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise xx"

With "Cuteness, fun, happiness and joy" ringing in my ears, i really do think it sums up the shop very well and all its lovely little pieces!

Cute cat brooch / Kawaii felt kitty pin / Adorable grey kitten badge with navy blue ribbon bow by Pop and Moo.
cute cat brooch
Dawwwwwwwwww! Look at his little face!

Felt teabag necklace / Cute kawaii unique jewellery / Statement womens ribbon tie jewelery / Kitsch accessory  by Pop and Moo.
teabag necklace
I'm so in love with this little chappy! unusual and so delightful, especially with his little dickie bow!
What a wonderful productive and amazing imagination!

Cute iPad cover / Polka dot kawaii tablet sleeve / Felt bones case / Adorable cream and blue gadget pouch by Pop and Moo.
bones iPad case cover
I reckon that bone in the middle is the funny bone....geddit?! *groans*....i never said I was good at jokes y'know!

Kawaii bunny shoe clips - Kitsch footwear accessories - Cute rabbit shoeclips
kawaii bunny shoe clips
I've never been persuaded by shoe clips but these could just about do it!

Cute mary janes / Kawaii tea and cake shoes / Quirky statement black canvas mary jane footwear / Unique womens flats UK Size 4 EUR 37 US 6
tea and cake mary-janes
I need these in my bad!....

Cute kawaii brooch / Adorable felt fluffy cloud handmade pin / Kitsch unique accessory by Pop and Moo.
fluffy cloud brooch
Pop & Moo got this cute, fluffy cloud design on several product lines from shoes to necklace....I just adore her little happy face with the bow and the blue background!

Cute unique necklace / Kawaii womens statement jewellery / Cute red ribbon tie and lime green felt by Pop and Moo.
Rocket necklace
I love the colours used!

Having looked around Pop & Moo, I adore the shop and its pieces.
They been well thought out and designed and clearly a lot of time and effort been spent thinking on the colour-ways and developing the characters so they each had a twinkle in their eye!

All too often , its very easy to go overboard with cute and kawaii designs, and start overloading designs with bright, garish colours and sparkles....Pop & Moo has kept restrained and let the simplictiy of the design remain the cuteness factor with carefully selected colour schemes which I actually like very much.

The best features for me of the shop certainly was the shoes! I adore how the designs elevated the accessory to a whole new level! In fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen a pair showcased in my favourite craft magazine "Mollie Makes"....hmmm...!

Do give Pop & Moo a look around! I think you will adore it as much as I did and as a fellow Brit', I'd like to give a shout out to Pop & Moo and say Well done! Keep up the creativity and the awesomeness!

click here for Pop & Moo shop

Until next time, where I bring you another awesome shop...


Birdie Love

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